Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Match II, 9.3.2011

I was the last to pick my hero as i was afk, and as I saw 2 pure spellcasters I decided to pick Magina the Anti-Mage! Early game sucked for me as I died first and got behind thanks to that. First 5 minutes were bad, but me and my lane partner Mortred got DK and Huskar down easily @ minute 10 thanks the fact they were too greedy and followed us past our tower. After that we started ganking together with a simple tactic: We both blinked in, Mortred slowed the target with her dagger and after a few seconds the target was dead for sure. Simple and clean without losing a single HP if we don't count hits from creeps. 
Midgame went pretty well too tho' bloodseeker failed a couple times, but Tidehunter gave us the support for large ganks with his slow and stun.
Picture 1: They managed to kill me and Mortred, but we had bought some gear and knew we could finish the game easily, so we decided to keep pushing mid lane until finish.
Picture 2: Push was a total success tho they had their tower "alive" and as you can see, none of us died :) Ulti on Jakiro gave me two kills and two assists as they were next to each other - luckily.
Picture 3: The game has come to an end: They tried to pull creeps with the first leaver and Jakiro tried to get me by using his skills on me. Too bad i had 80% magic resistance just for him and Akasha.
Last 15 seconds of the game, and during these 2 minutes (41:09 - 43:13) i've earned 3,4k gold: 1,4k from towers and creeps, 2k from heroes. I don't like winning too easily, and the fact I was able to get back on my feet after the "first blood", I felt damn great!

That was a pretty lame report but had to test posting many images :) Next one will include pictures from 00:00 to very end! :)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Match I, 8.3.2011

Testing if one can read the stats or not.. I'm afraid it is too small for one to read and i have to "have fun with photoshop" everytime i want to post..
And oh, about the picture. Played that match earlier today and it went pretty well. During early game I sucked hard but late game i started owning and got feeded. 3 minutes after taking the picture we finished

EDIT: Oh, seems you can click to make it bigger - great!

Time to start posting again!

3rd post but 1st real post coming shortly, just testing if this program i use to post still works :)