Monday, 24 January 2011

First post

Well, every blog has to have it's very first post so here it is even tho' it really is boring and has no real meaning but to test how it works :) Tomorrow (or later today as it's 05:35 here) I'll put some banners etc. to this site so that it "could possibly look better in my own humble opinion", maybe. And sorry guys for my a bit broken english as I'm not a native speaker or anything.

What else? Oh, almost forgot. I think you'd like to know what this blog is all about so maybe I'll clear that one out a little. So, in this blog I'll tell you about my - boring - DotA matches with some screenshots, my opinions about heroes and latest patches, maybe a little tips for some who'd like to learn something about denying, "going b" when the time is right etc. and last but not the least, links to my videos once I start making them :) They are nothing special, just videos featuring my "priceless" moments in DotA and some music in the background but I hope you guys will like it - oh, wait a second.. What guys? I have followers already?! No, of course not and it is possible that there won't ever be any but.. We'll see :)


  1. Thanks for your comment. I've never tried DotA myself but I'll look forward to hearing some stories!